What might happen?

Chris  —  March 15, 2015 — 1 Comment


It goes without saying that there is a lot going on in our world. These are serious times with serious stuff happening, but I find myself more concerned with the way many Christians choose to respond to these issues. Continue Reading…

Be Quiet

Chris  —  April 28, 2014 — 2 Comments

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t hear yourself think? Maybe because of a constant stream of noise, too much going on, or the volume was just overwhelming?

And if everything would just settle down, you would be able to gain clarity, insight, or understanding that would be extremely valuable?

Even for people who love lots of “action,” those moments of quiet are vitally important.

Now, let me ask you this…

Have you ever been the person responsible for someone’s inability to be quiet, to listen, and to think?

You might have been and not even know it. Continue Reading…

Each year, I appreciate the opportunity to create an opportunity for people to pull away to ponder Christ’s death on our behalf. It is a missing jewel in modern evangelical church life, and any opportunity to reflect is time well spent.

This year’s Good Friday service was focused on contrasting Christ’s innocence and our sin guilt. Hence the name, Innocent.

good friday 2014

The service focuses on the profound reality of the cross where an innocent man paid for the guilt of many. Before the hope of resurrection was the defeat of death. Death that was necessary because of the betrayal, denial, rejection, and sin that are part of the human condition.

The design of the service was very simple and very focused. Continue Reading…

Communion ideas (and its variants) is one of the most frequent search terms that brings people here. Which leads to the 21 Ideas for Doing Communion in a Fresh Way post.

communion blue

Which got me to thinking…

We can do communion in all kinds of creative ways, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it will be fresh, meaningful, or powerful for a congregation.

So, what will? Continue Reading…

wl toolbox

Every so often, I like to share a resource that I have found meaningful and helpful in my role as a worship leader. These are some tools that have been a useful addition in my Worship Leader Toolbox.

Today, I’d like to point you to Jon Nicol [twitter] and WorshipTeamCoach.com.


Jon is the real deal. He’s in the trenches, doing what you and I do every week. He’s served in both large and small churches, and is currently in Ohio. His heart is for developing musicians, teams, and leaders, and that is why he does WorshipTeamCoach.com.

WorshipTeamCoach.com is both a resource site and a blog.

First, let’s talk about the blog. Jon blogs regularly on topics relating to worship ministry and leading a service. Some recent posts include:

Jon writes practically, but also with humor, metaphor, and is grounded in biblical truth. Jon writes about team development, worship leading/planning, biblical worship, spiritual formation, musicianship, and what he calls small church/big worship. Jon also offers posts that are devotional in nature that can be used with a worship team. If that was all there was to WorshipTeamCoach.com, it would be well worth the time to visit and subscribe.

But wait, there’s more…
(sorry, no steak knivesContinue Reading…

Worshiping Together: 1/5/14

Chris  —  January 8, 2014 — 3 Comments

rooted themeWith a new year comes a new series. We’re starting the year with a series called Rooted in Christ where we’re looking at the foundational beliefs about Jesus that are at the core of our denomination, the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

It’s known as the Fourfold Gospel, and declares that Christ is Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King.  Defined by the C&MA’s founder, A.B. Simpson more than 100 years ago, it’s the heart of what Alliance people believe about Jesus and forms the foundation of all that defines The Alliance movement.

As a church, we want to begin this year reaffirming what we believe about Jesus, as He is the head of the church, and our desire to follow Him faithfully, truthfully, and whole-heartedly.

Here’s what we did together… Continue Reading…

immanuel titleLast Sunday of the year and last Sunday of the Immanuel: What’s in a Name? series. We combined elements of both those realities in this service.

We drew in Christ as the Light of the World as the focus of the service. We also expanded it to recognize that because Christ is the Light of the World, that when we are in Christ and bear the name Christian; we are to shine the light of Christ to the world around us. It was as much about whom Christ is as it was about who we are to be.

We spent time celebrating, remembering, and reflecting together as the people of God.

Here’s what we did together… Continue Reading…

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