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Just Passing ThroughThis was the final week of the series we’ve doing on 1 Peter where we’ve been exploring how many Christians live today as if the world were our final destination. We pour our life resources and energy into things that will barely last 50 years, let alone eternity. We frequently cave in to the old sinful desires. We struggle to remain faithful in the midst of great suffering. We’ve lost sight of the glorious inheritance waiting for us.

God calls us to live as “strangers” in this world, spiritual sojourners that are just passing through. As children of the living God, our focus should be on eternity as we point people to the living Christ who paid it all for us. Our priorities and lifestyle should undergo a radical transformation.

In 1 Peter, Peter unpacks what this transformed life looks like and how it should interact with this world. In 1 Peter 5:5-14, Peter offers parting words to the scattered Christians as a call for them to humble themselves before God so that they might have what they need to resist the enemy and stand firm in the faith. The call for us is to live humbly with God because of who He is and His holiness.

Sorry that this is a little late. It’s been busy these last number of days.

Service flow: (Song links go to AmazonMp3 where the songs are $0.99 and DRM free.)

God of Our Fathers (Roberts/Warren arr. Chapman via
Offering with video “True Freedom” from eight20eight

Exalted (Tomlin/Reeves)
Dramatic Reading
Revelation Song (Riddle)
Holy, Holy, Holy (Heber/Dykes)
Video: The Names of God from
Agnus Dei (Smith)
How Great Is Our God (Tomlin/Reeves/Cash)
Encouragement Cards
In Christ Alone (Getty/Townsend)
Dismiss (1 Peter 5:10-11)

What a great day as the Body of Christ this was. It was a great ending to what has been a great series. As we wrapped things up, we really wanted to remember what God was calling us to do as people just passing through and then be able to respond to His grace and holiness.

Things weren’t so great as we prepared for the service. Practices were a little rough. I was a lot distracted by a variety of different issues even as the service started. The first video has some technical issues. And we knew that attendance would be sparse because of the holiday weekend.

But in His amazing wisdom and grace, God showed up, used those leading in worship, and allowed us together to be reminded of who He was and respond to that together. The sermon was a great conclusion and reminder of all that we had learned over the course of the series, and then as we moved into a time of response through worship, the congregation really responded to God. It was super awesome to be able to be a small part of what God wanted to do in our midst this past Sunday. The presence of the Lord was obvious, and people responded.

Our desire in the time following the sermon was to really focus on the holiness of God as the reason why we live according to His will and commands in this world. The worship set was one that has just kind of come together in my head a few weeks ago as the convergence of a number of elements. As we talked about it in planning, it just seemed right to go that direction. The songs were all focused on declaring and celebrating the worthiness and holiness of God. The reading was one that my wife did that paints a picture of what it would be like to enter into the throne room of God.

As we sang and prayed and heard and watched, people were truly reminded of the amazing holiness of God and that even in that perfect holiness, Jesus allows us to enter because of His blood and sacrifice.

As we ended the service, we reminded everyone that it’s not simply enough to sing of God’s goodness and our desire to live for Him, we must also act on it everyday. To reinforce that, we took time to encourage one another through encouragement cards. We then came back to the theme of freedom introduced at the beginning of the service by singing of the true freedom found in Christ alone.

Truly a great day. If you were there, what stood out to you? How did God speak to you? Leave a comment if you can.

For more service orders from churches all over, check out Sunday Setlists at

Thanks! Come back next week as we start a new series “What’s Outside the Box?”


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