An Ancient Story for a New Generation

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What is one of the most commonly told Old Testament stories? What is this story that has captivated the imagination of children in Vacation Bible School and Children’s Church for generations? What story has the power to even draw adults into its narrative?

Adam and Eve? Noah and the Ark? The escape of the Israelites from Egypt? Jonah?

How about…


The story of a nation besieged by the great champion of an enemy army who taunts them day after day. No one in this nation would step up to the champion but a boy. The ultimate story of the underdog who, because of his faith in God, defeated the giant with a simple stone.

It’s a story that captures the heart and imagination of listeners whenever it is told.

It’s also a story that more and more people are unfamiliar with in these days. Which is unfortunate because it is a huge story full of great themes that can easily be used to talk about the living God.

Fortunately, there is an opportunity to expose a whole new generation to this epic story. Even if they have never attended Sunday school or Vacation Bible School.

But, it’s not going to be just another Christian movie. While maintaining biblical accuracy, great efforts are being made to tell the story in a way that will capture the power of the story on the big and small screens. It will be shot by professionals and designed with a style consistent with what moviegoers are seeing every week in the theatre.

This new telling of the story of David and Goliath, called Four Stones, is being spearheaded by Historytellers, the non-profit group led by Ben Arment that puts on the annual Story Conference.

Take a look at this short video of Ben as he casts the vision for this project.

What an exciting opportunity, and we can be a part of spreading this story in our communities.

Which of us doesn’t want to reach our local community with the great news about the living God? And what better way to do it in many of our communities than through the power of story and film?

Would you consider hosting a screening on premier weekend, October 14-16, 2012?

It’s not as difficult or as costly as you might think. The goal is to have 1000 premiers happening that weekend all around the world. Your ministry can host a premier for as little as $99 all the way up to $999 depending on your intended viewing audience size.

You could consider partnering together with other ministries in your community to do this together. You could sign up for a premiere and either show it for free or sell tickets to cover the cost. (Sometimes selling tickets isn’t a bad idea because it can make the event seem more legitimate.)

There is an awesome website available where you can check out all the details and find up to date information on the development of the movie. The One Thousand Premieres site is your ticket to get involved.

You can also download a PDF brochure with important information and to share with key decision makers in your ministry. You can get the Four Stones Brochure here.

Consider being a part of this groundbreaking event that will tell this ancient story for a brand new generation. Not only will registering give you the chance to be one of the thousand premiere sites on opening weekend, but you will also be helping to fund the production of this story.

But don’t delay. Premieres must be registered by January 31, 2012.

There is so much more to discover about this. Visit One Thousand Premieres today, and you can be a part of spreading an ancient story to a new generation.


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