[Creativity] Beautiful Expressions

Chris  —  June 20, 2011 — 8 Comments
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One of the distinctives of being created in the image of God is that we are creative.

There are many ways to express creativity.

For my wife, Beck, her expression is found in writing and photography.

You can investigate her writing at her website Beck: Far From Home.

For today’s creative moment, I want to highlight some of her pictures. She does a beautiful job capturing the interplay of color, shape, texture, life, and wonder of the world around us. It is easy to be inspired in our creative endeavors by what God has created with these photos.

How will you express creativity today?


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8 responses to [Creativity] Beautiful Expressions

  1. I put a lot of my photos up on my blog with the posts I write. My 3 year old grand-daughter loves to take photos too and I’m going to make a site for her sometime of the photos she takes. I think she will enjoy it when she is older looking back at some of her pictures now. @Chris

  2. What beautiful photographs, very creative. I love to read Beck’s blog and I want to thank her for introducing me to yours.

    I usually create my creativity with photos as well.

    • Terri,
      Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. I hope Journey of Worship is also an encouragement to you. It would be great to see some of your photos sometime. Are they posted online?

  3. Beck’s photos show a unique style. I enjoy photos that look outside the box. Your wife is a good blogging friend. I look forward to reading her blog posts and also to her thoughtful comments on my blog posts.

    You mentioned that we are created in the image of God. I believe this to be true also. I was wondering just how literal you think that is. My belief is that we literally look like he does. He looks like us, having a body with 2 legs, arms ears eyes, etc. I look like my earthly father so it makes sense that I look like my Heavenly Farther.

    Hope your week is fantastic! So glad your wife introduced us!

    Thanks, Becky Jane

    • Becky Jane,
      Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for not seeing your comment sooner. It got caught in the spam filter.

      I’m glad to hear that you also believe that we are created in the image of God. I think there is a literal aspect to that, but don’t think it extends to an exact physical representation. That Bible describes God in a number of ways including that He is a consuming fire, that He is Spirit, that He exists in three persons, that He is love, and that He exists beyond human understanding. The Bible at times does use human features to describe aspects of God’s interaction with us, but biblical scholars tend to agree these are metaphorical. Jesus Christ, God the Son, does look like us. But that was done so that He could come and bridge the huge gap between God and man to restore our relationship and pay the price for our sin. In addition, these bodies we live in are really just physical shells to contain our spirit and soul which I think is what is really reflective of God’s image.

      A quick answer to a deep question, I know. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks!

  4. Thanks honey, you are a source of encouragement and amazing resources as I explore ways to grow creatively!

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