Stop Motion Videos Can Be HUGE

Chris  —  August 27, 2011 — Leave a comment
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Remember making flip books when you were in school?

Image Credit: Flickr/Creative Commons/williamcromar

When you got bored, you would draw little pictures on the edges of the paper in notebooks or handouts, each one changing slightly, and then flip the pages showing the action of the character.

It was pretty cool.

Now people are making stop motion stories with all kinds of media. Clay-mation, Legos, hand drawing, computer graphics, really really small, and super big. Each frame a still image where the action and scene has changed slightly. Then they are all put together so it looks like continuous action. How smooth it looks depends on how much change there is between each image.

Stop motion can be challenging, but can also be one of the easiest ways for early filmmakers to start telling stories. At its core, all that’s necessary is some paper, pencils, and a camera.

Recently, the same folks who made the world’s smallest stop motion set out to make the world’s biggest stop motion. Not in terms of the size of the screen it’s shown on, but in terms of the size of the various elements.

It’s called Gulp.

This was shot on a beach in Wales with Nokia N8 phones as the capturing medium. The largest scene stretched over 11,000 square feet. That’s about a quarter of an acre, or 4 average size houses.

There’s also a Making Of video.

Pretty impressive.

Does this spark a creative idea in your head? 

Have you ever done stop motion?

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