Why Recognizing and Responding to God Matters in Worship

Chris  —  July 6, 2011 — 1 Comment
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Part of true worship is recognizing and responding to who God is.

When we worship the Creator of the universe and Lord over all, are you and I overwhelmed with the realization that He who holds all power and is majestic above all? And that He loves us as the sinful people we are at the same time?

It’s actually quite humbling when you stop and think about it.

As you think about that, also consider your response in worship. I know I have.

I’m constantly reminded that when we recognize who God is and the truth of His glory that it’s the type of realization that shouldn’t be met with a stoic acceptance. Our response should be whole life and whole hearted (which means with all of our passion, prayer, intelligence, and energy) and characterized by humility, confession, and worship.

It’s not a partial response. It’s not a manufactured response. It’s not emotion for the sake of emotion or drama for the sake of drama.

Consider some people who encountered the reality of God in the Bible:

Moses first encountered the reality of God at a burning bush in the desert in Exodus 3. He also later encountered God at places like Mt. Sinai and the Tabernacle.

Isaiah encountered God and the reality of sin in Isaiah 6 after the death of King Uzziah.

Saul encountered the reality of the resurrected Christ on the road to Damascus as he was on his way to persecute Christians in Acts 9.

Peter first encountered the reality of God on a fishing boat in Luke 5 when Jesus allowed an overwhelming catch of fish to take place.

John, who was known as the disciple whom Jesus loved, encountered the glory of the resurrected Christ in Revelation 1.

For all of these people, when these events happened they did not offer simply mental acknowledgment or feigned interest in what was going on. They gave total worship and humility before God as they recognized His glory and their unworthiness.

In our worship, if it’s truly in spirit and in truth, do we recognize who God is?

Are we reminded?

Are we interested?

Are we listening and paying attention?

After all, it is significant. The more I realize how great God is and how much I need Jesus in my life, the more full my worship is.

(At least when I’m not distracted by tons of details. But that’s a post for another day.)

How do you respond to the reality of God?


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