A Blogging Milestone along the Journey

Chris  —  August 29, 2012 — 2 Comments
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Recently I achieved what is considered a blogging milestone.


The publication of 500 posts.

The 500th post actually occurred a few posts back with this post on How Everyone Can Offer Excellent Worship.

I decided to do a little bit of review of my blogging journey. My first post was on February 22, 2009 with a simple welcome post. Trust me, it’s not even worth linking back to. In that post, you would find that the reason I started the blog was as part of an online worship course I was taking. I was to post my reflections on topics we were studying like Time & Space, Prayer & Scripture, and Baptism & Communion as they relate to the language of worship.

My second post was my first Sunday Setlist recap. Over the course of the last 3½ years, there’s been 132 of these types of posts, all part of the weekly Sunday Setlist recaps done each week by TheWorshipCommunity.com. In December 2009, I started calling them Worshiping Together posts to better capture that worship is more than just music and a setlist on Sunday mornings.

And we were off to the races. According to Google Analytics, here are the 10 most visited blogs since the beginning factoring out search tags and pages:

  1. The Homepage
  2. Good Friday Service Ideas
  3. Worshiping Together: 2/20/11
  4. 2009 Advent Readings
  5. Christmas Eve Service Ideas
  6. Why Good Friday, Part 1
  7. 21 Ideas for Doing Communion in a Fresh Way
  8. What Does Worship Look Like
  9. Worshiping Together: 2/14/10
  10. Living a Lifestyle of Worship

I have to say, some of the ones appearing in the top list (like the Worshiping Together posts) surprised me. I think it was due to search terms.

I also thought about what have been my 10 favorite posts. That was a little harder to determine, but I was able to narrow it down to 14 in no particular order of importance:

There is definitely a lot of other stuff I’ve posted that I’ve liked, but these stand out to me.

Along the way, I would like to think my writing has improved. I’ve learned more about WordPress and ended up switching to the awesome Standard Theme (yep, it’s an affiliate link. If you’re looking for a solid and fantastic WordPress theme, you can’t go wrong with Standard Theme).

Blogging has been an interesting journey. There have been times when I posted prolifically, and times when I’ve posted infrequently. I’ve been surprised at times at what has gained traction and what hasn’t. What’s mattered to people and what’s meant more to me. Comments, and at times, the lack there of.

Sometimes I’ve wondered whether or not what’s been posted is read by more than my wife. And sometimes she doesn’t even read everything. But then again, I don’t read all of her posts, either.

At times I’ve thought of discontinuing the blog, but then something happens that reminds me of why I need to continue adding my voice and experience to the worship conversation.

What’s next? Who knows?

There will be periods of prolific posting and periods of less posting influenced by what else is going on in my life and ministry. But I hope the next 3 ½ years provide continued opportunities to be a positive voice in the conversation and that the content impacts and influences those who read it.

Whether you’ve followed this blog from its early days, or only recently, thank you for being present. I hope that you are encouraged by what appears here.

If there are specific things you would like me to consider posting about in the months to come, please leave your idea in a comment below. Or if there is something specific that has impacted you, consider sharing it through your social networks.

Here’s to the next steps on the journey of worship.


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2 responses to A Blogging Milestone along the Journey

  1. Chris – congratulations on hitting this milestone! Not sure that everyone can grasp the significance. If each of your posts averaged 500 words, then you’ve written a quarter of million words. Most non-fiction books we read are only 40,000 – 60,000. So you’ve written about 5 books.

    From a fellow blogging nerd: awesome!

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