How to Evaluate a Worship Service

Chris  —  July 31, 2012 — 3 Comments
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How often do you ask evaluative questions?


Of your life, spiritual walk, or ministry.

Or of a worship service you may lead?

I don’t believe it’s enough to simply plan a themed, biblically based, Christ-centered corporate worship service. That’s important, but if we never ask questions, how do we know if we are offering, and leading others to offer, excellent worship?

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply ask if the transitions were smooth, the notes were on pitch, the videos started on time, or if people were singing.

Because worship is much more than that, the questions we ask need to be much deeper than that.

I’ve written before about 4 Questions to Help Guide Worship Planning, but what about on the other side?

I recently viewed a video that had been posted on the Musicademy blog that took a look at the question of how do we evaluate a worship service.

Dr. Jim Altizer takes us through four areas of examination: Plan, Story, Action, and Result.

Take a look. It’s just over 4 minutes long.

I really appreciate his perspective on a better way to evaluate worship services and challenge to go deeper.

Two statements that really resonated with me were:

1)   Do we presume to respond to God before hearing from or about him?

2)   Did they leave with a reminder or a mission.

Can you also see that this is about more than just evaluating the musical worship portion of the service. This evaluative approach is appropriate for the entire service team and for all aspects, including teaching segments. Because in reality, it all should be working together anyway.

What about you? How do you go about evaluating the corporate worship gathering? As intentional as we need to be in the planning side, we need to be so on the evaluative side. That can be hard because as soon as one is done, we begin the prep for another. But a few moments of intentional evaluation can help us to grow and make sure we’re continuing to have services that are impactful and transformational.

For Discussion:
What stood out to you from the video?
How do you evaluate worship services?


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3 responses to How to Evaluate a Worship Service

  1. God Bless you,this has really open my eyes for new level of Worship:)

  2. I liked the video with its emphasis on people participating and feeling a part of what is going on and not just an audience. Something that is hard to measure as a criteria for worship evaluation is: did people feel God’s presence? Was “God there” The psalmist said that God inhabits the praises of His people. Did God inhabit our worship today? Can we say if He did or didn’t or is it just subjective? Anyway, thanks for “Musicademy” from California.

    • I agree. That’s a huge part of a worship service being corporate (or participatory) as opposed to something simply observed. If the people are only observing, there isn’t much praise to be inhabited, is there…

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