Special Worshiping Together: 9/30/12 PM

Chris  —  October 3, 2012 — 3 Comments
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worship nightThis past weekend we did a special Evening of Worship. Over the past year, we have joined our two campuses together on the 5th Sundays when they occurred to foster relationship, community, and to worship together. You can check out the previous ones here and here.

This time, our focus was on how we are one church because of Jesus Christ. There is nothing greater or more important that binds us together. The foundation is Jesus, and Jesus alone.

As we moved throughout the evening, the service took place with three main portions. Our first section focused on Divine Truth. The second focused on Nurturing Relationships, and the third was about Apostolic Mission. We call this our DNA, and is an “easy” way we are seeking to express. You can find out more about DNA here.

It was a great evening together. Here’s what we did…

The Service Flow:

Video: The One by The Veracity Project

Welcome/Call to Worship: Ephesians 4:4-6

Praise Adonai (Baloche)

Beautiful One (Hughes)

Declaration: Who Is Jesus?

Had people answer the question out loud.

Cornerstone (Mote/Liljero/Mryin/Morgan/Bradbury)

Personal Prayer/Confession: 1 John 1:9

Jesus Paid It All (O Praise the One) (Hall/Nifong/Grape)

Scripture: Ephesians 2:11-22

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) (Myrin/Redman)

Video: Start Small from Shift Worship

Time of Thanksgiving


Time of Exhortation

Group Prayer

When the Stars Burn Down (Blessing and Honor) (Riddle/Lee)

Awesome Is the Lord Most High (Tomlin/Reeves/Pierce/Abel)

Revelation Song (Riddle)

Close & Commission: Romans 11:36


  • What a great evening. It was an incredible pleasure to worship with the people of God with freedom and with one heart. Being able to participate in this evening was a great provision of the Lord after the more difficult experience of Sunday morning.
  • The room was set up with round tables and chairs instead of the typical rows. People set around tables. The tables were covered with cloths and had loaves of bread, a pitcher of juice, candles, and a cross on each one.
  •  The time of thanksgiving was done around tables with people sharing together in small groups things they were thankful for. The communion was also done around tables. People broke bread and shared juice together in remembrance and celebration of the Lord. We also had them share words of encouragement and Scripture with one another. It was designed to be more of a feast than a taste. The time of prayer was also done around the tables with people encouraged to share BIG prayer requests (apostolic ones that unless God showed up wouldn’t come to be) and pray together.
  • It was wonderful leading people in these various expression of worship. We did a lot of different things, but it was all focused on being one in Christ. People really engaged and many were encouraged in multiple ways because of the time together.
  • I’m thankful for all the different people that contributed and were a part of the evening. It is beautiful when the body of Christ comes together in this way.

Have you ever participated in an evening like this? If so, what was it like? What did you do?

This post is also a part of the Sunday Setlists posted on TheWorshipCommunity.com. Check out what other communities do together each week.


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3 responses to Special Worshiping Together: 9/30/12 PM

  1. Christopher Bartell October 6, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    I haven’t participated in an evening quite like this…looks like an amazing time of reflection and worship though! Somewhat similar is our Homegrown Worship nights that we’ve started. You can see my pre-night post and photo blog recap here.


    In both venues, it’s great to see God’s people embracing the idea of worshipping in a different vein, outside of Sunday morning, etc. Keep up the awesome work!

    • It was a great evening of worship together. People really seemed to be engaging with God and with each other. What you are doing looks really cool, as well. Will definitely keep that idea in the back of my head. Thanks for sharing it. Hope many in your congregation will engage with that opportunity.

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