Worshiping Together: 2/5/12

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What is discipleship really about? What does it mean to really follow Jesus? We continue to explore the discipleship challenge on Sunday mornings.

This week, we were in Luke  9:23-27 which contains one of the most well-known verses describing the cost of following: that we must deny ourselves and take up the cross and follow Him. And we must do it daily. Part of living the discipleship life will mean taking a risk. Giving stuff up, even good stuff, in order to know the best of what it means to be a child of God.

As we looked at this core aspect of discipleship, we also took time remembering who Jesus was and what He did through the cross.

Here’s what we did together.

Our service flow:


Greeting Time

Call to Worship

Started with the verses on Luke 9:18-20 where Jesus asks the disciples who people say He is, and who they thought He was. Peter’s response was that Jesus is the Messiah. I then asked the congregation who Jesus was to them, because the answer to the question directly impacts our worship. After thinking for a moment, I invited people to say aloud who Jesus was to them.

Jesus Messiah (Tomlin/Carson/Cash/Reeves)

Wonderful, Merciful Savior (Rodgers/Wyse)

Prayer & Scripture

We did a responsive corporate prayer based around some of the “I am” statements that Jesus made. I used a reading I downloaded from WorshipIdeas.com a long time ago. I couldn’t find the original download link, so I’ve uploaded the file here: {filelink=37}

My Jesus, I Love Thee (Featherston/Gordon)


Jesus, Lord of Heaven (Wickham) during the offering

Prayer for Congregational Needs


Video: The Cross of Christ from Floodgate Productions


The Wonderful Cross (Tomlin/Watts/Wait/Reeves/Mason)

Communion began with the first verse of The Wonderful Cross, and the followed like this:

Communion Explanation
Distribution of bread while verse two was sung
Taking of the bread / Prayer
Congregation sings chorus of The Wonderful Cross
Distribution of the juice while verse three sung
Taking of the juice / Prayer
Congregation sings chorus again

Praise the Father, Praise the Son (Cash/Tomlin)

Closing: Galatians 2:20


  • It was great having a time for people to declare who Jesus was to them. We even had some children contribute. The desire was that in doing so, it would remind us who this One we were singing about was.
  • There was a great focus on the cross and Christ throughout the entire service. People seemed to be engaged and participating as we moved through the service and culminated in a time of communion.
  • I’m finding it challenging at times to effectively lead verbally with transitions while being the only instrumentalist. I can talk and play at the same time, but it’s harder when I’ve trying to do so over an introduction while establishing a rhythm. It’s even more challenging if there is a lead line I’m trying to do. Continuing to pray for the Lord to send some musicians to build out an instrumental team. I had one of those moments where, even though I had planned out what I was doing to say and it was fine, I realized that I could have expressed things and drawn people in a little better in the situation.
  • It continues to surprise me how when I look out I don’t see a lot of people singing, but when I pull back on the music, the singing is quite robust. I appreciate that.

Hope that your time of worship together this past week was encouraging, God-honoring, and Christ-focused.

Thanks for stopping by. If you want to see what other churches did together, be sure to check out the other Sunday Setlists at The Worship Community.

See you next week!


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