Worshiping Together: 7/8/12

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psalms titleAnother week, and another psalm. This week we looked at Psalm 19 as part of the Psalms: Songs of Life series. Psalm 19 one of my favorite psalms. I love how it captures the amazingness of God and how it reminds us of how He speaks to us so we can know who He is.

Psalm 19 starts out by reminding us of how the very world we live in (and the one God created) declares His greatness and glory. The reality is that no one has an excuse for not recognizing that He exists. But, of course, simply recognizing isn’t enough. He also reveals to us how we are to live and respond to His amazing grace and love through His specific words, revelations, and precepts. Pretty amazing that God speaks to us, wants to speak to us, and does so in a way that we can see, hear, and respond to.

The challenge for us is to actually hear and respond. There are lots of reasons why we don’t (sin, pride, selfishness, etc), and we need to recognize those and acknowledge. But even those and things that the Lord will help us to overcome so that we can live in the fullness of who He is.

Here’s what we did together today. Plus keep reading to the Observations section. There were some “challenges” going into this weekend…

Our Service Flow:


Call to Worship: Psalm 111:1-8

Video of Psalm 19:1-4

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (Passion version) (Winworth/Nockels/Neander/Nockels)

Beautiful One (Hughes)

Transition: Psalm 111:9 (more details below)

Open the Eyes of My Heart (Baloche)

Holy, Holy, Holy (Heber/Dykes)



During offering: God With Us (Millard/Graul/Bryson/Cochran/Scheuchzer/Shaffer)



I Give You My Heart (Morgan)

Close & Commission: Jeremiah 29:13


  • What a week(end). It was a marathon getting ready for Sunday morning. Friday morning, a thunderstorm moved through the area and had it’s way with some of our equipment. No longer functioning: sanctuary computer, telephones, DVD/VCR, wireless router, and one sound board. Seeing smoke come out of soundboard when it’s turned on is a disconcerting thing. And almost a projector. The weekend consisted of getting back online, obtaining a soundboard (sister campus had a spare), and figuring out computer solution. So thankful the Lord guided me each step. Oh yeah, and finishing up the things I normally do. I will admit, though, that listening to the storm roll through was really cool.
  • Part of the work was reconfiguring an old computer to be able to be used in the sanctuary. As a result of everything, there were a few smaller details that I overlooked. Like checking to make sure the right Bible translations were installed. As a result, the congregation got to read along in the KJV version while the pastor preached from NIV. The other elements that got skipped was a video of different people talking about who they thought God was from The Truth Project. Guess I didn’t get a codec configured correctly.
  • The service itself was both good and challenging. Good because the flow and theme were awesome and the parts worked well together. There were some cool moments in it. Not so good because the spirit was very oppressive feeling and it felt like a fight at times to lead the congregation.
  • During the transition time early in the service, after singing Beautiful One, I had the congregation consider the love of God and why we love Him. In the spur of the moment, I invited people to say out loud reasons they loved God. It was slow getting going (participation like this is a growing curve right now), but had some good participation.
  • The other special moment was at the end during the time of response. The challenge was to recognize that God speaks to us and desires us to respond and live fully in and for Him. That’s also a growing edge for our congregation as we look to a new season and reaching our community. As we closed, I invited people who desired to express a desire to live fully for God to come and stand together at the front as we sang I Give You My Heart. This wasn’t about whether they were a Christian or not or whether they were already living this way, or whatever, but a public expression that as a church we wanted to live this way. The result was mixed. Only a few people boldly came forward, but I know others were responding to God. An area of continued prayer.

I hope that your weekend together was a time of great encouragement, challenge, and recognition of the greatness and sovereignty of God. May the Lord richly bless our offerings of worship as we strive to live for Him each day.

To find out what other communities did together this past weekend, be sure to check out Sunday Setlists at TheWorshipCommunity.com.


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